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Preschools in Savannah

Early childhood should be made out of a great foundation. Preschool is where a child's habit and behavior are developed and we don't want you settling for mediocrity.

Childcare Network

12441 White Bluff Road, Savannah, GA

What they can offer your pre- schooler: Art and Science | Cognitive Skills & Confidence Skills | Coloring  | Infant Programs |  Indoor Activities | Language Skills  | Literacy Skills |  Mathematics |Outdoor Programs | Painting |Puzzles |  Science | Shapes | Social, Emotional, Physical Development Skills |   Toddler Programs 

"My son has been going there for about 3 months now and I couldn't be happier. He went after he turned one and the whole staff was so great at getting him adjusted. The teachers there are just wonderful. I am so comfortable with my son being there. I highly HIGHLY recommend Childcare network!"

Maggie's Morning School

6610 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA

What they can offer your pre- schooler: Art, Music, and Movement| Building|Computer & Gross Motor Skills |Dramatic Play| Digging|  Language, and Literacy | Math |  Painting | Reading Scribbling| Splashing|Sorting | Science, and Sensory|   Writing

"My son Tilak has been going to Maggie's for two and a half years and he is loving it! The Teachers are amazing, loving and care for every kid in their class! The environment is supportive of individual differences and teaches kids to be social and play together! The entire staff is so so kind that I wish he could stay here till he goes to college! Miss Maggie and Ms. Coleen are both so generous and kind! It's a gem, I wish more schools were like this!"

Angel Learning Center

178 Basswood Dr., Savannah, GA

What they can offer your pre-schooler: Cognitive Development | Fine and Gross Motor Skills|Jumping|  Language and Communication Development Skills | Music and Movement  Numbers & Self Confident Skills| Running|Skipping| Social/Emotional Skills

I went to this high-end facility and let me tell you, from the staff to the curriculum it's the best one in Pooler compared to other private schools. The technology is surreal and they have spent a lot of money on it from touch screen boards and apple products. The best way to engage a students mind. Wish I had it in my days!"

Memorial Day School

6500 Habersham St Savannah, GA

What they can offer your pre- schooler: Solid Educational and Emotional Foundation | Specialists in Art, Computer, Library, Music, Physical Education and Spanish

"Probably the best daycare around Savannah for a reasonable price. The teachers are consistent-which is hard to find in a daycare. It is also a private school so your child can attend all the way up until high school graduation. I have yet to experience any biting with my child (which is what happened at his previous daycare) and the director is willing to work with you on payment issues. My son has learned the alphabet along with nursery rhymes and sings them every day on the way home."

Southern Montessori Academy

1140 Shannon Ave Savannah, GA 31406

What they can offer your pre- schooler:
Sensorial Math | Practical Life | Language Art |Geography | Science | Music | Library, and Movement | Citizenship training | Ethics

"I have both of my children enrolled in this daycare. I must say, it has been nothing but GREAT! Everyone is friendly and professional. The facility is always clean and safe. The staff has always treated my kids and my family with respect and dignity. They are always looking out for the safety of the children. I recommend this school to anyone with children from infants to pre-k age."

First Presbyterian Preschool

520 Washington Ave Savannah, GA

What they can offer your pre- schooler: Creative Expression | Emergent Literacy | Language Development Mathematics| Physical Health/Development

"I sent my just turned 2 yr old to "camp" here for 3 weeks this summer.  She loved all her "new friends" at "pre-cool".

She was always very happy to stay and didn't really seem to care to leave when I arrived - which was a good thing!  On our walk home, she would sing portions of the songs she'd learned that day- "Rosie, Rosie, Rosie..FA-DOWN" (ring around the roses), "ABC. EEE.. WXYZ!' (the abcs), "Duck. quack, quack, quack".  She was only one at the time, so I didn't expect perfection, I was shocked at how quickly she was learning new songs, since I'd never previously played these type songs for her.  We jam to Texas Country around our house, not the ABCs."

Savannah Country Day School

824 Stillwood Dr., Savannah, GA

What they can offer your pre- schooler: Art| Guidance| Media/ Technology | Physical Education | Science| Spanish

"The lower school and middle school are unequivocally the best in coastal Georgia, and one of the best in the state. Solid basic academics, exposure to critical thinking at an early age, emphasis on writing skills and public speaking at even the earliest levels, and a powerful science, math and humanities curricula complement the area's most comprehensive fine arts program (more so at those levels even than the local public magnet schools). In high school, the humanities remain stellar, but science and math instruction can be more hit-and-miss--still the best in Savannah and Coastal Georgia, by far, but retaining truly outstanding science and math teachers can be more difficult, as demand is greater nationally. Fine arts instruction remain top-of-the-line in high school (all students must choose a fine art class, be it jazz band, strings, art, drama or chorus), and there are a number of languages offered--not just the requisite French and Spanish, but also Latin and Mandarin."

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