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Own The Recovery with Connie Carlson

"How To Win With Creative Real Estate Video Marketing!"

Join "Own The Recovery" as we chat with Connie Carlson, a Realtor from Ansley Atlanta Real Estate about her success with real estate video. Connie has done some amazing work with her community and property videos and produces and hosts a very successful community-focused vlog called "My Marrietta"! Connie speaks at numerous events annually about her foray and journey with video. Must see!

Own the recovery with todd Beckstrom

Todd Beckstrom joins our team meeting with some timely advice from a top producer, Realtor of the Year, and national speaker/trainer!

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own the recovery with chris smith

Chris Smith, bestselling author, sales guru, podcaster, and co-founder of Curaytor, a next-level real estate marketing firm, guides us through (as only Chris can) 10 principles from his book "Peoplework: How to run a people-first business in a digital-first world". Now more than ever, these principles are the blueprint for creating customers for life!

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own the recovery with jimmy mackin

Jimmy Mackin - Co-founder of Curaytor, a next-level real estate marketing & technology firm - joins us to discuss what agents of the future should be doing NOW to ensure they will be around for the Covid-19 recovery.

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own the recovery with dan elzer

Join me for an interview with Dan Elzer! Dan has spent over two decades helping both management teams and sales professionals succeed. He has been an owner/operator, manager, sales associate, national trainer and consultant. Whether Dan is working with leadership, management or sales teams he never fails to inspire with his dynamic delivery of actionable content that moves the needle!

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own the recovery with dave shaw

Dave Shaw, social media and digital marketing expert, joins the show and discusses all aspects of how real estate agents can utilize these tools to "Own The Recovery"!

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own the recovery with matthew ferrara

Join us with Matthew as he discusses what a "YOU-Shaped Recovery" looks like and three key areas to focus on if you want to create your own personal and professional recovery starting today!

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own the recovery with anna-marie ellison & ronnie gatrey

Anna-Marie and Ronnie discuss their unique ways of engaging with their agents and how they quickly coach them to an average of 22% improvement! Plus - how they use video, podcasts and Zoom meetings to stay in touch!

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own the recovery with nelson zide

Join us as Nelson Zide, longtime Realtor and real estate speaker and trainer, discusses how optimistic people earn more! Nelson's audiences consistently come back because he is an entertaining, personable and inspirational communicator. As a high performing Realtor and successful multi-office business manager himself, Nelson not only “talks the talk”, but he “walks the walk”!

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own the recovery with BILL OLSON

Bill Olson, a former Rookie of the Year Realtor from Charleston, SC discusses how he has created a unique niche for himself by finding creative and funny ways to market real estate with video! We'll be asking him how he finds inspiration for video ideas, as well as how he executes on those ideas without any outside help! You won't want to miss this one!

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own the recovery with Beverly whipple

This week in a special Happy Hour edition of "Own the Recovery", Beverly Whipple, aka "The Tatooed Realtor", describes how her Outrageous Marketing Tactics help her own her market! She also dishes on how she outperforms almost every other agent with her referral marketing plan which puts her in front of hundreds of potential referral partners each quarter, and how she grows and develops that database! Tune in this week and Beverly will reveal her July 4th marketing strategy that only costs her 25 cents per piece!

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own the recovery with Brad allen

In a few short years Brad Allen and his team have created a unique real estate brokerage, The Art of Real Estate, that has closed 200 transactions in the first half of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. Join us as we take a deep dive into Brad's vision and secrets to success in a crowded real estate field!

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own the recovery with AMit bhuta

  • Join us as on this must-see episode as we chat with Amit Bhuta about how his keen sense of marketing and use of video technology have helped his team become a force in South Florida luxury real estate in just a few years! Amit's unique style and vision of real estate marketing have inspired countless of his peers. Amit is a natural teacher and thrives on showing other Realtors "how to fish"!

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