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Set Up the Perfect Home Office with These 9 Simple Tips

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Mar 20 5 minutes read

Even before the pandemic ensued in early 2020, more than 3.7 million US employees were already working from home for at least half the time. Considering the gathered statistics, it’s safe to assume that most people are not new to telecommuting, more commonly referred to as remote working.

And now that working from home has been normalized and even encouraged because of the coronavirus threat, more people are finding ways to incorporate a comfortable office setup inside their houses, a place or area where they can be productive and focused during work hours. So, where do we start?

Here are nine simple tips to help you set up a home office that will empower you to get the job done! After you’ve gone through this guide, you’ll never want to work in a traditional office setting again!

Determine the perfect location

Choosing the right area for your home office should at the top of your list. You’ll likely spend many hours working in that office, so you should avoid stuffing yourself on space. Considering the traffic flow and your ability to withstand distractions can also help in your decision-making. Are you able to work in the thick of activity, or would you rather have your office tucked away in a quiet space? If you’ll have clients stopping by, ample seating is also a must.

Choose items that have form and function  

Always remember that desks, shelves, and storage should serve you and not the other way around. Check your workflow and the items that you’ll need at your fingertips before buying your office furniture. Make sure to choose beautiful and functional pieces to complement other rooms in your house.


Invest in a great chair 

Your body deserves a beautiful, ergonomically-correct, and comfortable seat. Don’t settle for just any chair– invest in something top-notch where you can spend hours parked and working. It’ll be worth every dime.

Treat yourself to a view 

Position your office desk where you can stare at something more interesting than a blank wall. You’ll have downtimes during your working hours, and you’ll need a view to keep you going. A window’s natural light is ideal, but if you’re choosing a windowless space, you can always hang an inspiring picture or painting above your desk or position your chair to face a door.

Homey accessories are key 

Do you plan on going for a contemporary look? If not, make sure to choose extras that will enhance the comfy feeling of your home office. Buy pretty mugs for your pencils, cute notepads and sticky notes, and a stylish wastebasket. If you’re putting up a bulletin board, wrap it in a lavish fabric! Hang inspirational prints on the walls or frame your kids’ artwork and knock yourself out!

Use space efficiently 

We know that most home offices don’t have tons of square footage to spare, so efficiently organizing the space is imperative. Choose floating shelves on your walls for your papers and office equipment and vertical file folders on the desk to keep important paperwork within arm’s reach. Wooden and metal cube storage are also a fun alternative to your traditional bookshelves, as each space can be used for books, knickknacks, and baskets.

Place your equipments in strategic places 

While there’s really not much you can do to style your computer, printer, and phone, hiding unsightly cords can still help with the aesthetics. Start by making sure your equipment is close to outlets and easy to access if you need to unplug. You can encase cords in a fabric cord cover and feed it into a desk grommet, a plastic or metal cap that helps guide wires through a hole in the desk and hides them underneath. Cord winders, tubing, and wire organizers are also helpful tools in keeping annoying wires tamed.

Lights, lights, lights 

Making sure your office has plenty of light will help cut down eye strain and headaches. Position your computer monitor where there’s no glare from a window or overhead light, and put a small lamp on the desk for task lighting. Proper lighting always helps!

Personalize your space

Inspire yourself and set up a mini-shrine. Choose a few cherished knickknacks, a piece of framed art, or a special photo on your desk, and motivate yourself to get the work done as quickly (but efficiently) as you can. Personalize your space and choose items that remind you why you’re working as hard as you are.

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