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National Hispanic Heritage Month: 9 Spanish-style Decor Tips For Your Home

ERA Evergreen



Sep 5 7 minutes read

If you’re a seasoned traveler looking to re-create the feeling of vacation into your everyday decor, the Spanish-style approach is the best and easiest to adopt.

In fact, this type of home decor style covers a lot of decorative ground. Spain reminds us of earthy palettes, stucco walls, and hand-painted ceramics that ooze joy and magnetism as notes of lavender, orange blossom, and citrus scents fill the air. And bringing its distinct magic into your home is now a lot easier, thanks to designers, makers, and brands immersing the aesthetic into products, color selections, and even scents so that it can be dispersed further from just within the country.

Sure, your home may not resemble the structure of a Mediterranean villa. But, through these nine simple tips, you can embrace some of the core elements of Spanish style to radiate its ambiance within the home, wherever you live.

Here are some Spanish-style decor ideas you can use for your abode.

Start with Checkerboard Floors (or Rugs!)

Checkerboard prints are a great way to set the tone for a Spanish-influenced interior. It’s an effortless approach to layering patterns like stripes, shells, and florals to allow an array of textures to blend harmoniously, especially against a muted color palette. Wood accents will also add depth, set a natural tone to the vibe, and help bring the Spanish verve to life.

Pair Your Bright Blues with Wood

In Spain, travelers are drawn to their usual traditional interiors that feature stone with a rustic feel like tumbled limestone and distressed woods. It’s something you can adopt for your home, or maybe something to that effect.

Focusing on different elements for contrast and instance is an easy way to add a touch of Spanish flair without going over the top. Color plays a significant part in anchoring the project with an individual identity and sense of place. Use the blend of contrasting textures and hues to create layers of easeful comfort for a nuanced and inviting interior.


A Contrast between Patterned Prints and Plain Walls

It’s evident that pattern is a vital ingredient within Spanish homes, but the overall aesthetic won’t be complete without contrast.

A Spanish feel centers on paring some elements down and punching some up. Of course, traditional Spanish textiles and tiles are non-negotiable as they add vibrancy, color, personality, and detail. Wall art or accessories can add a pattern set against a color-blocked backdrop. Don’t be afraid of color. Channel the sun’s warmth by using a palette of pinks, oranges, and even terracotta and paprika tones.

Another idea is to show contrast through texture. For example, textured fabrics against plastered walls or large flagstones can create a cool, informal look.

Mix in Decorative Tiles Wherever You Can

You can easily translate Spanish vibes through tiles or materials like rattan and stone indoors and outdoors. I mean, there’s always room for some Mediterranean style in a space, be it brightly colored pottery mixed with geometric patterns and warm, earthy tones, don’t you agree?

Be sure to add touches of these merry tiles to your exterior spaces, like terraces or patios, to enhance and encourage the alfresco lifestyle for the complete Spanish appeal.

Tile that Floor with Patterns Too!

Did you know that using Spanish-inspired tiles as a floor type in more traditional spaces can have a big impact too? This kind of tile dates back thousands of years. Thus, incorporating patterned tiles into the home is an easy and significant way of embracing the Spanish aesthetic.

Elevate your simple bathroom or kitchen design with some cool-toned, mismatched patterned tiled floor, and instantly bring it to life. A tile can also be a great feature to base your interior scheme on, as it will influence the colors and textures you want to use alongside it.

Folksy Spanish Patterns are Inspiring

You’ll notice that wall-hung hand-painted ceramics are often seen within traditional Spanish homes, and adding a pattern to your walls can replicate it visually. The good news is that you can use statement block print wallpapers to do it– be sure to choose prints that remind you of traditional Spanish ceramics!

Complement the scheme with dark wood and vintage items to help augment the rustic feel. Again, combining color, pattern, and texture help to encapsulate the traditional Spanish style, but in a current and contemporary way.

Mix in Reds with Untreated Materials

Warmer tones like red and orange will work together to help you achieve the typical Spanish interior. You can mix these bold colors with natural or untreated materials for the perfect Mediterranean feel, especially when using brick or stone as a backdrop.

Add depth to your space by playing with bolder soft furnishings and home accessories. Bringing in touches of earthenware and wood alongside the oranges and reds compliments the scheme and will encourage that coastline feeling.

Use Reclaimed Spanish Architectural Features in your Space

Reclaimed Spanish architectural features salvaged from Spanish villas and fincas are unique details you can add to your space for the traditional Spanish feel. Not only does it bring depth and character to the interior architecture, but it also makes it an extremely personal space.

To complement the darker wood tones of such features, pair them with colorful weaves and textured fabrics to lift the scheme. Stone flooring is also often seen in Spanish homes to create a light atmosphere against the heat, and you can easily source this through reclamation dealers and vintage platforms.

Linens and Sheer Fabrics Keep It Light and Airy

Keep your four-poster beds fresh and open with sheer fabrics and linens. You can also choose a fabric style that nods to the Spanish mosaic patterns you might see in tiles to amplify the characteristics of the look. Decorative wood accent wall panels are another option if you want to frame a bed or have an alternative to a four-poster option.

With such textures and intricate carvings emanating the feel of a villa itself, layering them against neutral bases with pops of color works well in creating a cohesive scheme.

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