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A Guide to Decorating a Minimalist Home

ERA Evergreen



Apr 18 4 minutes read

Give your home a once-over and look at all your accumulated furniture in each room carefully. Check the portraits hanging on the walls and decor that sit atop your tables. Do you like the aura of your house? Does everything REALLY need to be there?

Sometimes we become too wrapped up in our daily lives that we forget to check if we still need ALL the stuff inside our houses. Minimalism is about subtracting unnecessary frills and decor to keep things fresh and simple. And through the years, many homeowners are turning minimalist as a start to a neater, more organized, clutter-free living.

But don’t get us wrong– the minimalist decor style is far from boring! It’s a bold, functional, and highly memorable style you’ll appreciate in the long run!

Here’s a guide to decorating your home– the minimalist way!

A restrained color palette is key

A minimalist home thrives in light colors like white with understated neutrals, barely-there greys, and pastels. Although bright colors are not prohibited, it’s best to stick to one or two to limit the dosage.

Edit and Declutter

You can’t have a minimalist home without saying goodbye to clutter! To do that, you’ll have to edit what you put on your shelves and tables. It’s best to stick to essentials and store the rest in cabinets. Also, a choice of white paint paired with an accent color will help your room give the impression of a lot more space while staying stylish.


Go for Focal Points for Visual Balance

A vital element in a minimalist style is having empty spaces, as it interacts with objects and defines the overall look. However, a visual balance is achieved by having a focal point. Go for plenty of empty spaces and avoid unwanted distractions, but don’t be afraid to find a spot on the walls for your family’s essential decor elements.

Accent Decorations Add Life to a Space

Don’t avoid decorations and bright colors! The rule of a minimalist home is to treat decorative elements as accents and not let them take over your home. As with displaying art, choose one focal piece instead of a group of small ones. Don’t turn it into a cluttered distraction.

Take Advantage of Clean Lines and Flat Surfaces

Furniture and decor inside your home should feature clean, defined lines and curves and flat surfaces if you want to go for a minimalist style. Try taking advantage of this look and notice how soothing it is to the eye!

Achieve a Play of Textures 

Keep things interesting by mixing different textures. For one, in a bedroom, you can go for an upholstered headboard and a textured wallpaper that perfectly complements each other, giving the room a pleasant appeal. While different textures have been combined, you’ll find that it’s in no way overwhelming.

Let that Light In!

Remember, bare windows are a minimalist’s friend. Let that light pour in, and keep your windows unadorned. However, if privacy is an issue, you can try using the thinnest materials for your curtains or use blinds. Less is certainly more!

Embrace the Power of Simplicity

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Decorating minimalist interiors can make you rethink the number of ordinary objects you want around you. When set against a white backdrop or a neutral tone, even simple decor can stand out, and having a minimalist decor will help maintenance become easier.

Use Small Scale, Tone-to-Tone, and Unobtrusive Pattern

Most will agree that minimalist homes use a limited amount of patterns or do away with them altogether. If you decide to incorporate patterns in your home style, use them on a small scale, tone-to-tone, or unobtrusive. One way to approach this is by using them the way you would an accent piece. Make sure you have plenty of empty space, though, so your home doesn’t look unnecessarily cluttered.

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