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9 Tips to Dress Up Your Home for Memorial Day

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May 23 4 minutes read

The temperature’s starting to get warmer, which means most homeowners are also looking for pool party ideas that bring happy hours shared with friends and family. And why not? Everyone deserves a break this Spring Break, and swimming is one of the best ways to do it!

A home pool with lots of sunshine is the first step to any successful pool party, but you’ll still need a host of other elements that can make it a get-together to remember at home, including delicious food and drink, and fabulous poolside decoration, and comfortable seating! And we’re here to help you plan the perfect pool party at home this Spring!

Here are nine tips and suggestions if you’re gathering guests around a hot tub, your rental property has a pool, or you’re entertaining friends in the yard pool.

A red-white or blue-white gingham tablecloth is in order

Whether you plan on doing an indoor or outdoor setup for your Memorial Day gathering, a gingham tablecloth (a.k.a. buffalo check, plaid) gives that perfect vibrantly casual look for your table setting.

Surprise your guests with a red and white flower arrangement

Welcome your guests vibrantly and cheerfully without being over-the-top by setting up beautiful red and white flower arrangements in blue pots or vases! You can spread these pot arrangements throughout your landscape or around your porch long after the celebration weekend.


Colorful garlands add a cheery vibe

Make colorful garlands out of anything you want, like tiny red apples, paper triangles, and the like, and visually frame your table, minus the hefty expense! Indeed, garlands are a cheerful way of saying, “Hey! It’s a party!” Your guests will love ’em for sure!

Delicious food should be pretty, too!

Not too keen on getting busy with arts and crafts? Let your food do the talking instead! Get creative with your food presentation this weekend–use red from delicious strawberries or tomatoes, white from creams or slices of bread, and blue from blueberries or m&ms to create edible masterpieces. Impress the guests and leave them wanting for more!

The flags are essential

The little American flags around your home are the ultimate symbol of Memorial Day, so it’s inevitable to have them as your home decor for the party! Buy or make them in all sizes, and put them up anywhere and everywhere!

Streamers can be used as tablecloths

We all know a party isn’t a party without streamers, and if you’re feeling creative, you can go the unique route and weave some on top of your white table cloth! Grabe some red and blue streamers and start creating a different, vibrant, and disposable decoration for Memorial Day weekend!

Tissue fans create interesting conversations

Got a plain white couch inside or outside your home? Red and blue tissue fans help create an inviting retreat and conversational corner for your intimate talks at the Memorial Day weekend party!

Continue the theme with your throw pillows

Throw pillow covers are the easiest way to liven up your living area without much effort, so buy some red, white, and blue pillow covers and spread a cheery Memorial Day weekend vibe to your guests and family alike.

Don’t forget to paint some lawn stars

Let your kids help with the decorations and make a bold move to paint some colorful lawn stars on your grass! Yes, you read that right! Most hardware stores sell paint specifically for grass (used for sports field lines and such). Create a stencil out of cardboard, paint some stars around the lawn, and your yard just became the most festive plot in the neighborhood.

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