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9 Pro Tips to Maximizing Your Closet Space

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Aug 22 4 minutes read

Whether you’re a shopaholic who loves adding to your (overflowing) clothes collection or need to channel your inner Marie Kondo to “let go” of personal stuff that no longer serves you, not having enough closet space is a UNIVERSAL woe.

We all want bigger and better closets with all the seasonal pieces, footwear, and heaping pile of accessories we’ve accumulated through the years. Yet the hard truth is, the more space we SEE, the stronger the urge to fill it up. It’s safe to say that limited space isn’t the main issue, but how we use our space. You’d be surprised what a few smarter storage solutions and organization tips from an expert could do for your current closet situation!

Learn how to work with what you have, ladies and gents! Here are 9 Pro Tips to Maximizing Your Closet Space.

Re-Evaluate Your Needs

Check your current closet situation and determine how you want to organize your items. No matter the size of your closet, you’ll find you have a lot more space if only you figure out the best way to get it organized. Stacking containers to maximize vertical space or finding ways to use floors and doors are great examples.

Slim Hangers are Key

Do clothes burst through your closet doors? Maximize your space with space-saving velvet hangers! The uniform look alone elevates your entire closet appeal. Wooden hangers are usually bulky and take up too much closet space, but there are a few slim wood hangers if you know where to look.


Doors Can Be Useful

Many don’t realize that closet doors can do so much more than hiding clutter that looms inside. To have more closet space, use the backside of your closet door to your advantage. Whether you need more storage for shoes, hats, or accessories, considering over-the-door storage for an additional organization is an alternative solution to your dilemma.

Use Your Vertical Space

Have you checked how much vertical space is overhead and up your walls? Maximize the space using hanging compartments and shelves! Hooks and hanging drawers are a great way to take advantage of unused vertical space. Remember, every square inch is another opportunity to create storage.

Think Long Term

Special shoe styles will require long-term storage solutions to protect them from dust and keep their shape. So, if you’re organizing just a few pairs of flats in the corner of a closet or have an entire room dedicated to sneakers, consider investing in clear drop-front shoe boxes.

Update Your Existing Storage Solutions

Sometimes maximizing your closet space requires thinking outside the product label. That said, it’s essential to reimagining your existing storage solutions to come up with an even better one! Get creative with your organization! You’ll be surprised how much more you can fit inside even the tiniest closets.

Check Your Fold

The way you fold dictates your access to your items and how much space you take up. Have a system for folding and storing items in your closet drawers to make the organization more efficient. Consider the KonMari Folding Method, which allows you to make the most of your drawers and see all items immediately versus stacking your clothes on top of each other.

Stop Folding Bulky Items

Rolling instead of folding towels, linens, and bulky clothing is a great hack to maximize your closet space. Folding will cause them to topple over when stacking.

Find Space Outside Your Closet

To avoid an overflowing closet, keep out-of-season or special occasion pieces further out of reach.

Try using the farmhouse under-bed box to store and organize seasonal items in a place other than your closet. Use them to pack away coats in the summer and beach accessories in the winter.

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