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9 Low-Cost Spring Break Activities for the Family

ERA Evergreen



May 8 5 minutes read

Oh, Spring~ What lovely weather you bring!

With the hardiest flowers in bloom and that subtle, sweet musky scent in the air, almost everyone is eager to get outside and enjoy the spring weather with the family (unless you’re allergic to flowers).
However, not everyone has some stashed cash for extracurriculars, even just for a quick vacation in a nearby city, and that’s OKAY! There is plenty of fun and cheap ways to build long-lasting memories with your loved ones this Spring break.

If you’re a family on a budget, this blog is for you! Here are nine free and low-cost fun activities you can do this Spring!

Get down and dirty at your neighborhood playground

Everyone’s missed the outdoor playgrounds this past season, and Spring is the perfect time to bring the kids to the nearest park for some free play! Pack some snacks and drinks with you when you go, so you’ll be ready when they get hungry and thirsty.

Hop on your bike and ride with the family 

If you don’t already have bike, then going for a family bike ride may not be the cheapest Spring activity. But if you’re able to buy from yard sales or borrow from friends, then setting up a bike ride day for your family is a great way to explore and enjoy the lovely weather!


Have a picturesque nature hike

Grab the chance to hit the local trails this Spring! Take the family out to the nearest trail (and be sure to choose an easier one for your small kiddos), and enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature up close! Don’t forget to watch for ticks if they’re prominent in your area. Bring a tick spray and apply it before your hike, and give your family a once-over check when you’re through with your hiking activity!

Enjoy some Spring craft sessions with the kids

Spring break is here, but the learning never stops. Pick up those markers and papers and share a few craft sessions with the kids to make their time at home memorable! Make a fun nature collage using twigs, leaves, and flowers, whip up some homemade slime, design a family time capsule, or create paper bag puppets and put on a family puppet show– the ideas are endless!

Pick some Spring flowers

Springtime means more unique flowers are in bloom, so round up the family and go hunt for your favorite Spring flowers! Can you find a daffodil, a pansy, or a tulip blooming in your neighborhood or nearby field? Take a walk together and see if you can find any!

Camp out!

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Kite-flying is always a good idea

If you’ve got a park in your area that’s free of overhead obstacles for kite flying, then you’re in luck! Spring is the perfect time to let your kids try flying a kite in the spring breeze! Build a sturdy kite to last you several seasons and have everyone take turns flying it! If you’ve got some cash to spare, though, you can also visit your local dollar stores to pick up some cheapos for the whole family.

Enjoy those rain showers    

What kid wouldn’t love to play in the rain and jump in some puddles when even adults find this activity fun and relaxing (though they might not admit it!). Grab some raincoats and boots and let everyone in the family splash in the puddles! It’s a Spring activity that will leave a mark on your kids’ childhoods for sure!

Spring gardening is (surprisingly) fun!

Gardening is the perfect Spring activity, and sharing the work with the family makes for a great bonding activity! Allow your kids to explore and learn about nature– head over to your nearest gardening store and get some seeds to plant. Involve the family in every step of the process and let them choose which ones they’d like to plant. Depending on how much they’re going to like it, gardening may end up being one of your family’s spring traditions!

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