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9 Easy Halloween Decor Ideas for Your Home

ERA Evergreen



Oct 3 4 minutes read

Well, what do you know? Halloween is almost here! And if you’re into the whole holiday-themed home decorations, then we’re pretty sure you’ve already set your sights on turning your home into a haunted house for October 31st!

Yeah, Halloween decors are fun, but it can also be scary just thinking how much time and money decorating can require. So, if you’re dreaming of doing creative Halloween decorations that are both cheap and easy to make, here are nine easy Halloween decor ideas you can do for your home this year!

Start with Your Mantel

Starting with a Halloween mantel will help you achieve a holiday-ready home without spending too much money. Look around your house for old books, vintage decor, and candles. Then, feel free to add Halloween-specific accents like skeletons or plastic pumpkins to complete the look.

Spice up Your Console Table

Putting up a Halloween-themed vignette on your console or side table, whether it’s in the entry hall, living room, or dining room, can be a great way to welcome the spooky holiday into your home. Try adopting an elegant black-and-white palette to blend the decor with the rest of the room. You can also add some fancy jewels for a bit of shine and an extra “oomph.”


Go Through Your Staircase

The staircase is the perfect area to spruce up your home for Halloween without even trying. All you need are black paper, pumpkins, and a fake skull! Cut out Halloween shapes from your black paper and stick them along the staircase walls. The pumpkins can be displayed on the stairs and the fake skull on the stair’s newel post.

Try the Gallery Wall Trend

Are you a fan of the gallery wall trend? Try a Halloween-themed one! The good news is, you don’t even have to buy expensive art to do it the right way– you can make the most of it yourself! Or you can ask the kids to do it to keep them busy the rest of the day!

Spruce Up Your Couch

Homeowners know that the easiest part of the home to decorate for the holidays is the couch! And luckily, with just a few pumpkins, witch hats, and Halloween pillowcases, you can spruce up your couch (or the whole living room, really!) for October 31st!

Spooky Porch Lights are IN

Got some porch lights around your home? With just some embroidery hoops, paper, black craft paint, and black string, you can dress up those plain porch lights for Halloween!

Paint the hoops black and attach them with string to create a chandelier effect, then hang the bats off your hoops. Feel free to gather more ideas for your other porch lights for different looks!

Don’t Forget Your Lamp Shade

If you don’t feel like going all out on your Halloween decorations, adding spooky accents on your lampshades can be a subtle yet festive idea for your home. Fake spiders made from black yarn, black pipe cleaners, and buttons will do the trick! Oh, and display those Halloween candies in nice little glass bowls on your side tables to complete the look!

Create Eerie Corners

Do you have empty corners begging to be decorated for Halloween? House corners are the perfect spot to create eerie vignettes! Hang some witches’ hats from the ceiling and prop a broomstick on the wall. The best part is, it’ll only take you less than 15 minutes to complete this decor idea!

The Creepy Bookshelves

Add spooky objects to your bookshelves for a quick Halloween-themed makeover! You can put up some fake spiderwebs or get creative by adding pumpkins, fake crows, owls, and skulls!

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