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What To Do For Easter 2020

ERA Evergreen



Apr 9 5 minutes read

In the past years, Easter has been celebrated with fun activities and huge gatherings. It has been a grand tradition most of the countries around the world have religiously observed-- easter egg hunts, tasty Easter chocolates, fun community events, and of course, the elusive Easter bunny. Children roam the parks in search of some easter eggs as parents excitedly prepare delicious meals the family will enjoy for the whole day-- a picture-perfect family bonding experience, indeed.

And yet we find ourselves in a different situation this year, with the threat of COVID-19 knocking on our doors. It may not be the ideal Easter Sunday everyone has pictured it to be with everything that's happening in the world right now, but it's still an occasion worth celebrating. And how, you ask? Well, we're doing a little bit of tweaking for Easter 2020-- here are some ideas:

Plan A Virtual Celebration With The Family

If Easter and Passover are a big deal in your family, you've probably been used to spending it with the whole clan (extended family included!). But in this kind of pandemic where movements are restricted, holding an Easter party in your home will be quite impossible. How about a virtual celebration instead? Get busy with the extended family and download a multi-video chat app for Easter! Cook together, play Easter games, sing karaoke, and eat together over a webcam. It might be an unusual way to celebrate the holidays with the family, but we'll always be grateful for technology and the chance to see each other even just through a screen.

Attend Streaming Church Services

As the local government has allowed Easter services to continue, attending a live church service for Easter is possible. However, if you find yourself in doubt about going out, especially since the number of COVID-19 cases is rising around the country, some churches have decided to offer online streaming of the resurrection service to accommodate members who would like to stay at home! It is during these unprecedented times where we need to hear the positivity and observe self-reflection, and it's good to know that the church has still kept its doors open for Easter.

Paint Some Easter Eggs with the Kids

These are tough times, indeed, but holidays are still meant to be enjoyed, especially by kids! And though the quarantine is not allowing us to join or conduct community gatherings, it doesn't stop us from making it an opportunity to connect with our children. Take out your art materials, watch some D-I-Y Easter Egg design instructional videos online, and use it for an activity with the kids. Tap into their creativity and hidden talents, or teach them something new! Learn how to draw, paint, or dye the eggs-- holidays are milestones, and children need it to be fun to keep them inspired and satisfied!

Live By The Spirit of Easter

The importance of any occasion lies in the message it holds, and for Easter, it's all about taking the time to give back through acts of kindness. Let's embrace the spirit of Easter and support nonprofit organizations coordinating with COVID-19 relief efforts. It's a great way to empower love despite our broken hearts and troubled spirits, and it reminds us that life must go on-- and that a good heart is always greater than fear. 

Gather the gang and choose your preferred organization. In this way, everyone in the family is involved, and the kids are taught to assist those in need.

Create NEW Traditions

Each person should be able to thrive in any given situation, and it includes being in isolation during Easter. Your family may mourn the loss of your Easter traditions this year, but you can use this time to strengthen your immediate family bonding and think of new traditions for Easter!

It can be an Easter movie marathon, roasting some marshmallows and Easter chocolates in your backyard, or reading a book or a bible out loud in front of the whole family. And no matter which tradition you choose to start, it's all about celebrating Easter as a time of renewal. 

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