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Top Trends That Are Getting Us Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

ERA Evergreen



Apr 29 6 minutes read

"So I'm bored in the house, and I'm in the house, bored." If this line sounds familiar to you, it may mean that you've already jumped on the same wagon as the rest of the people stuck in their homes since the coronavirus outbreak. The quarantine gave the world another list of popular trends to follow, and quite frankly, it kept a lot of millennials and GEN-Zs sane and saved almost everyone from boredom.

So how is everyone coping with the anxiety that COVID-19 has brought to the table? Let's find out!

Instagram Live

Have you noticed that almost EVERYONE is going live on various social media platforms? In these tough times of social distancing, everyone feels the need to talk and be heard, and taking it to social media assures you that someone will indeed listen. From ordinary citizens to popular celebrities, these Instagram Live videos give us something to watch any time of the day, keeps us busy, and make us feel that we're not alone (and sometimes, a bit annoyed too!).


Has anyone started getting obsessed with puzzles since the quarantine started? Most people wouldn't prefer building puzzles for their past time on an ordinary day, but in times like these, where human interaction is limited, keeping busy is essential in surviving. And puzzles, especially the 1000-piece variants, will surely keep you preoccupied for a couple of days!

Face Mask Fashion

Now that a medical-grade mask is an essential "accessory" in stepping outside our doorsteps, people have started to mix and match outfits for it, and are spearheading what they call the "Medical Mask Fashion"!

And since going to the supermarket has now become sort of a big deal in almost every country, it's important to look your best-- casual wear, sneakers, a crossbody bag, and a super sleek face mask! Who knew there would ever be a time where you would look cool while wearing a surgical mask?

Posting Throwbacks

We think it's safe to say that EVERYONE misses traveling and being in the company of friends and loved ones. This feeling urges us to scroll through old social media photos from being out and about, hence the posting of hundreds of throwbacks from different trips and memorable occasions. Have you found your favorite #ThrowbackThursday picture, yet?

Banana Bread

Banana bread is probably the easiest pastry you can make with limited ingredients, and during this quarantine, it's the highlight of every kitchen in the world! People cope through the scare of COVID-19 doing different kinds of activities, and in this case, most of them are doing it through cooking and baking! Have you tried your version of the famous banana bread already?

Wearing Tie Dye

Thanks to the social media influencers all over Instagram, wearing tie-dye has now been proclaimed a must-have (again!). This fashion statement has just emerged from the back of the closets recently, and it seems the fashion industry can still manage to convince us that we HAVE to have something even though there's nothing else to do but sit around at home. Not willing to spend any dime on hype outfit that you won't wear again? Just D-I-Y a tie-dye shirt! There are tons of video tutorials on YouTube!

Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, we go onwards with another baking masterpiece! Now that everyone has graduated from their banana bread-making phase, the next stage brings us some gooey cinnamon rolls! We don't hear anyone complaining, though! Cinnamon rolls are quite easy to make from scratch. Choose your favorite cinnamon recipe and try it out at home!

Filming Quarantine Routine Videos

If you're big on YouTube vloggers and videos, you might have noticed that most of these influencers are now filming how they're spending their quarantine time at home. From waking up to making coffee, to working out, and whatnot, these social media celebrities are opening up their daily lives to their viewers, and it has started to become a well-loved trend. I mean, who DOESN'T want to watch how other people brush their teeth, right?

Dalgona Coffee

Ah yes, the frothy DIY coffee drink that has everyone grabbing their whisks at home. Dalgona coffee has taken up people's social media accounts by storm, and this light (and cheap!) coffee drink is the latest Instagram food trend you'd be crazy not to try! With just some instant coffee, sugar, and hot water, you can have a delicious post-workout drink, which you can post pictures of all over social media! A viral trend worth a spot on the list, indeed!


There's no denying that TikTok has always been a popular phone application since 2019 started. And now that everyone's boredom has gone through the roof, anyone who was hesitant to film themselves dancing, singing, and acting through their phones are now going through TikTok videos and tutorials one by one. Haven't tried downloading the famous mobile phone application, yet? Well, head on over to the Apple Store or Google Play, and start practicing your best TikTok moves!

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