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Top Color Trends in 2024

ERA Evergreen



Dec 26 4 minutes read

Color trend forecasters worldwide have delved into cultural and design influences to anticipate the upcoming color palettes for the next year, revealing a trend toward bolder choices in 2024. Experts predict a surge in adventurous color selections, highlighting vibrant pinks, playful aquas, and rich browns. While neutrals remain timeless, they evolve with the rise of buttery and blush tones. Experts agree that color choices will become more personal, reflecting individual self-expression. Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, emphasizes that color is a language, that influences personal mood and expression. Some may gravitate towards bold hues, while others prefer softer neutrals and calming pastels, emphasizing the importance of individual feelings and resonance in the moment. Ultimately, the colors we choose to surround ourselves with convey mood and personality, making the selection of wall paint or clothing shades a matter of personal preference. The seven dominant color trends projected for 2024 encompass a diverse spectrum for those ready to embrace a more colorful aesthetic.

The Dark Side

Rich and deep colors, on the other hand, will play an important role in balancing the brilliant and light shades that will be seen in the next year. The colors range from dark chocolate browns and unusual blacks to deep navy and forest greens.


Bringing the Blues Back 

Because of its innate link to the natural world, blue is one of those colors that will never go out of style. Wadden predicts a shift from verdant tones to more airy and watery colors in late 2024 and early 2025. Sherwin-Williams chose Upward, a light denim blue with gray undertones, its official color of the year as a result of this movement.


Interesting Purples

Purples can seem scary to work with, but experts say they are highly adaptable. According to Pressman, "intriguing purples and lilacs" enable people to stand out and experiment with color more.


Unapologetic Pinks and Reds

Barbie's cultural hegemony will be extended the next year. Pink, which is both nostalgic and cheerful, will remain popular, according to Sherwin-Williams, Dunn-Edwards, and Pantone. Little Greene, a British paint and wallpaper company, picked the soft pink neutral Masquerade as their color of the year, indicating that blush and baby pink will remain fashionable.


Yellows and oranges that sparkle 

VERANDA predicts that brilliant yellows and oranges will be the "it" colors for 2024. Our Color of the Year, Electric Amber, exemplifies the brilliant splendor of these two hues, especially when combined. Electric amber is inviting and intriguing, and it shines in design when used in fabrics, jewelry, and even gardens.


Earthy Greens

Greens that are friendly and unobtrusive will not vanish in 2024. The natural-inspired colors have a relaxing impact on most individuals. Graham & Brown, a British company, was inspired by this fresh and caring mood to choose Viridis, a midtone green, as their color of the year.

Deep greens, along with earthy tones, are predicted to be trendy in the coming year. Ironside, a deep and soothing green, was voted Dutch Boy's color of the year, illustrating the trend toward darker, more elegant colors.


Warming Neutrals

Neutrals are still popular, with warm off-whites and buttery tones becoming color experts' and designers' new go-tos. Paint companies like Sherwin-Williams and Glidden, who chose honey-forward Limitless as its color of the year, anticipate that these hues will form an energizing yet sturdy base for color palettes.


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