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Tips for selling your home in spring


Tips for Selling Your Home in Spring

ERA Evergreen



Apr 16 5 minutes read

Spring is one of the best times to sell a home. 

Regardless of the state of the market, inventory tends to rise in the springtime because the largest number of buyers tend to actively search for a home from April to June. Buyers are also more motivated to visit Open Houses due to the beautiful weather, and houses present more curb appeal during springtime. If you're looking at selling your home this spring, make sure to make the most out of the season with these handy tips!

Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions last, and your home's curb appeal, or the attractiveness of the property and its surroundings when viewed from the street, will set the tone of a potential buyer's opinion on your home. Get in a little spring cleaning on your yard by giving it a rake trimming the back bushes. Clean out dead leaves and debris in your lawn, and don't let overgrown vegetation block the windows or path to the entrance. Cutting bushes and tree limbs is also a great way to let the sun inside and showcase the exterior of your home. A great tip is to mow your lawn diagonally, as diagonally mowed lawns will make your yard appear larger. Artfully-manicured lawns also catch more attention and tell buyers you pay attention to small details. 

Spring Clean your Home

If you haven’t already started spring cleaning, go ahead and pick up that feather duster, whip out that mop, roll up those sleeves and do some deep cleaning around the house. When it comes time to show off your home to a potential buyer, it should be clean and free of clutter, and there’s nothing quite as off-putting to a would-be buyer than a house that’s not exactly clean. Clean drapes, curtains and blinds, and open every window.  If necessary, create a spring cleaning checklist to ensure you cover all rooms in your house. After cleaning up, make sure to declutter and depersonalize your home. Buyers want to see a tidy, primped version of your house, and a house free of personal items like family photos or knickknacks is one where buyers can more easily visualize themselves and their own furniture in.

Get Staging

Staging, or the act of preparing a private residence for sale, allows you to make your home more appealing to a higher number of buyers. Staging can range from simply rearranging your current furniture, to updating paint and adding furniture and accessories. You can either hire a professional stager, or DIY. One quick way to do so is to make the most of the pretty colors of spring by changing your towels, throws, and pillows in light colors like pastels. These soft spring colors will light up a room. You can also set out fresh flowers, like freshly-cut lilac branches or peonies, to bring life to your space. Natural scents are also more appealing than artificial, and trigger fewer allergies among those susceptible.  If you can, transplant tulips and daffodils or buy flowers in containers. Yellow flowers specifically stimulate buying urges, and yellow tulips and daffodils induce feelings of happiness and contentment. Arrange these in containers in groups of three or five near the entrance.

Catch Buyers' Attentions

Once your home is ready to show, it's now time to start showing it off. Use a color photo to advertise your home, either through social media platforms or newspaper ads. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so look through your photo galleries for a seasonal photograph that flaunts your home to its best advantage. Buy brightly-colored helium balloons and tie them to your open house signs. Balloons build excitement, and is a quick way to get your home noticed. You can also set out colored flyers and financing options in a prominent area of your home as a quick reminder and guide for interested buyers.

Go the Extra Mile

If you have a few home improvement projects and minor home maintenance repairs we’ve been putting off, now’s the time to tackle those items and any minor defects and ensure the house is in tip top shape for the next owner. When showing your home, it's a great idea to fill a sink with ice to chill bottled water for guests. Put a dozen or so bottles of water in the sink, to help refresh them. You can even tape details on the bottles, like a label with your phone number, a photograph, and address of your home. To make them feel even more welcome, set out individually wrapped treats. Going the extra mile and giving your potential buyers a snack will allow your home to stand out from the various ones they will visit for the day. It's also a great way to have them linger in the kitchen and appreciate your homey touches.

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