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Open House Etiquette Guide

Michael Gonzalez



May 7 3 minutes read

If you're looking for a new home, Open Houses are a great way for you to get a feel of a potential house.

If you want to make sure you make the most out of your visit, follow these easy etiquette tips to remember!

Come Around Early

The early bird gets the worm, and this saying rings true for open houses. It is recommended that you show up as early in the schedule as possible. This gives you an advantage a couple of ways: you  get to have a better feel of the house with less of a crowd, and you get ahead of other house hunters and spend more one-on-one time with the agent to ask your questions

Dress Appropriately

If you will spend your weekend visiting Open Houses, remember to dress for the occasion. You don't need to wear formal clothes, but don't show up in ripped jeans or natty outfits either, or the agent or seller might not take you seriously. Choose clothes you're comfortable in, and consider the fact that you might wear them outdoors all day. Remember to wear comfy shoes too, as you'll be hoofing it a lot!

Take Notes

In order to make a more efficient use of your time, take note of the things you like about the house and the observations you might have on what you don't like while you're doing your tour. You can use your phone or a notepad to take notes, and take pictures if you must (ask permission first!). Writing things down is a good way to have a record of the things you would like to remember and the things that can help you make your decision later on. It's also a great way to remember your questions and ask the agent or host in one go. Having your notes will be a good way to recall the home as well,  since your memory will tend to get foggier the more houses you visit.

Respect Each Others' Space

If you're sharing the viewing with other house hunters, it is only common courtesy dictates to give these interested buyers a chance to inspect and review an area at their own pace. After all, this is something you would expect to be done for you as well. If an agent is hosting the Open House and you would like to ask them questions, just make sure you do so without monopolizing their time. 

Respect Goes a Long Way

Lastly, remember that even though the home is already for sale, some houses may still have the owners living in them. You are entering a part of their lives, and being respectful of their home and their space will go a long way towards a great experience. When in doubt, just follow the good book and remember to treat them the way YOU would like to be treated if it was your home being shown.

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