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Why You Need Indoor Plants Inside Your Fall Home

ERA Evergreen



Oct 8 4 minutes read

House plants are the ultimate (and the most sustainable!) decor item. Its ability to add beauty and life to any room makes it a priority item in your Fall Home Improvement To-Buy list. And if you're not entirely convinced, these dynamic beauties are proven to have a plethora of health benefits and wellness enhancements that work to cultivate a greener lifestyle and healthy happy vibes indoors, which is exactly what you need to survive this pandemic. 

Here are some reasons why you need those indoor plants inside your Fall home:

Promotes peaceful sleep

Indoor plants can be the best roommates! As plants are known to absorb carbon dioxide and release A LOT of oxygen, having one inside your bedroom helps you breathe easier, which assists one in getting a peaceful sleep. Other plants, like jasmine and gardenia, also release relaxing aromas that invite a more restful night.

Improves air quality

Plants are natural air filters that fight off the pollutants that can get inside your home, through pets, open windows, and whenever you go in and out of your house. By tackling pollutants and rectifying the balance, plants leave you with air that is safer and healthier for you to breathe.

Can reduce stress and mental fatigue

Houseplants can do wonders for one's mental health.  Different studies show that having greenery in the home helps you feel less boxed in and helps create a docile atmosphere at home. It, in turn, assists your brain in feeling less fatigued and cloudy and helps release the right type of hormones, therefore offering support to your mental wellness!

Creates a relaxed and happy ambiance

It's true when we say that plants make people happy. Plants can brighten up one's surroundings and lift everyone's mood. Its mere presence presents a calming effect on people, helping them relax and stabilize their heart rates and blood pressure!

Promote healing

Taking a bouquet to a loved one in the hospital is more than just a thoughtful gesture. Plants (and flowers!) are known to help promote faster healing, as those who are surrounded by it can create a sort of natural, living sanctuary, in which they feel safe and protected!

Helps boost the immune system

Aside from its mental health benefits, plants boost your physical health, especially during flu season! Plants have phytoncides and other airborne chemicals. These chemicals help to reduce the amount of stress you feel throughout the day. When you feel less stressed, your immune system gets a natural boost, further helping you fight off the cold, flu, and other illnesses.

Boost mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity

When you're feeling a little down and out, a walk in the park can do wonders. It's because a touch of nature increases relaxation and self-esteem, which makes us more altruistic and cooperative. It, in turn, increases work performance, sharpen our focus and creativity.

Can be used for First Aid

Did you know that some plants can offer first aid and quick home remedies? Aloe, for example, can help treat sunburns and other minor burns, plus it can also soothe psoriasis and other skin conditions! Chewing mint or basil leaves can tamp down bloating, gas, and help calm your stomach!

Can help improve relationships 

Taking care of plants helps you develop a sense of compassion. You end up feeling empathy for the plants, which can then lead to a sense of compassion and empathy for other people in your life. Truly,  a symbiotic relationship that can help improve all the other relationships that you have with the people around you.

Help you feel a sense of accomplishment

Learning how to take care of plants means assuming responsibility for another living thing. Any time someone takes ownership of something by doing it themselves, they exude pride in accomplishment and develop better self-esteem! How amazing is that?

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