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Helpful Tips For Your Spring Cleaning (Amidst the NCOV Outbreak!)

ERA Evergreen



Mar 9 4 minutes read

Nothing feels more satisfying than coming home to a squeaky clean home. And though it can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming, you reap the benefits of a well-sanitized surrounding, especially amidst the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) threatening our health and sanity!

But how does one commence a thorough, heavy-duty cleaning? 

The Spring season introduced us to an annual tradition, Spring cleaning, a mammoth housework marathon where the warm weather allows us to air the house out and clean it of soot and grime accumulated over the winter. The longer days stimulate us to become more active, letting us do cleaning jobs that we don't have time for on a daily-- like washing curtains, clearing dust and dirt from every nooks and cranny, or turning the house upside down to wipe the unreachable spaces. It might be complicated and dreadful for some, but with a few tips and tricks, you can survive Spring cleaning without a scratch!

Here are some easy spring cleaning hacks for a sparkling, virus-free home:

Be Organized: Make a List and Have a Schedule

The tiring chores associated with Spring cleaning gets harder if tasks are all over the place. To make sure that everything gets done in an orderly and precise manner, it's important to have a set of goals per day. It may be helpful to write a to-do list and follow through with it to stay organized and productive. To start, scope out your home and find which areas need the most work,  create a schedule, and tackle each room focused and ready!


It's hard to do a major cleaning with too much stuff lying around. Old clothes, children's toys, broken appliances, and unimportant paperwork may be consuming additional home space without you even realizing it! So before you take out your mop to clean, go ahead and de-clutter! Gather the old clothes and stuff you don't need and do a garage sale! You may also visit your local salvation army and donate. Remember, one man's trash (or old belongings in this manner) is another man's treasure!

Work Your Way from Top to Bottom

Aside from planning your day-to-day tasks, adapting a cleaning style is also helpful in getting things done faster. In this regard, starting from the ceiling down is the perfect way to do your cleaning. It will force debris downward, and keep you from having to re-clean a space. Grab yourself a vacuum with an extension hose to get those stubborn cobwebs and clouds of dust from your ceilings! Then, dust your furniture before sweeping off your floors. Save time and be more efficient!

Don't Forget About Your Air

Alas, the dusting, mopping, washing, and wiping, are finished. And just when you thought you have everything sorted, you overlook one important detail: your furnace and HVAC filters! 

It's easy not to take notice of filters and air conditioner ducts, but one must not forget that these small parts of your home contribute to your overall health and safety, as it catches smaller, irritating particles and prevents it from entering your space! It's also fitting to be more cautious of the air that we breathe since the transmission of COVID-19 is still undetermined, and there is a POSSIBILITY that it could be airborne. Replace your standard filters with a more robust one with a higher MERV rating, and sleep without any pang of worry in your heart!

Sanitize the Whole House

Keep the dreaded virus at bay by maintaining a clean and sanitized home! NCOV is brutal, but with proper hygiene and disinfection around your house, you'll help keep the germs from spreading! Use antibacterial products and cleaners on key spots like tabletops, counters, remote controls, doorknobs, etc., and let it dry on its own. You may also keep it green by using non-toxic DIY antibacterial solutions like adding some vodka or vinegar and tea tree essential oil in a cup of water and spraying it on the surfaces of your home.

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