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Global Day of Parents 2020

ERA Evergreen



May 31 6 minutes read

It's June 1, and it's the perfect time to show our love and appreciation for parents all over the world. The Global Day of Parents, with everything that's been going on in this pandemic, has gotten just a tad bit more special

Our frontliners in this war against COVID-19 has been exhausting all efforts to keep the nation safe. Parents, in the same manner, are the pillars of each family in this kind of situation. They serve as the dedicated frontliners for their little ones-- the unsung heroes the world is about to celebrate today!

To all the moms and dads out there, the spotlight is on YOU! Here are some of the reasons why we're glad you're here:

The Sleepless Nights

The real deal about being a parent is that you'll never get to have a deep, comfortable sleep ever again. From the newborn stage up until the day we move out and have a family of our own, there won't be a day that our parents won't think and worry about us. It's an unavoidable habit that comes with having kids-- and it's one thing that we love most about our moms and pops.

ABC's and 123's

Parents serve as their children's first educators. They teach us the different colors and tell us incredible stories we'll never forget. They sing us our favorite nursery rhymes and teach us how to count. They help us tie our first shoelace, and help us learn how to ride a bike. Indeed, their guidance is never-ending, to life and beyond.

The Special Hugs and Goodnight Kisses

It's a mystery how a mother's kiss and a father's warm hug can make everything better. It's what we look forward to upon coming home from school and what brightens our mood when we've had a rough day. It's what keeps us safe from the terrors of the night, and what puts us to sleep 'til the sun shines bright. Our parents' kisses and tight embrace are our comfort zones, and it will be until we grow old.

Delicious Home-Cooked Meals For Days

Food will always be a part of anyone's childhood memories, and indeed, nothing can compare to Mom (or Dad's!) cooking! While it's true that our taste buds may be a bit biased-- because, well, family attachments, but it may also be because each dish is served with love and effort. Our parents' cooking will always bring us so many beautiful flashbacks, and several of which are times we've shared a meal at the table TOGETHER.

The Memorable Bonding Moments

A positive parent-child relationship is built on spending quality time with the kids. Whether it's learning a new skill together, or just watching some re-runs of your family's favorite TV show, bonding moments with Mom and Dad are always something we look back on, even as we grow older. The experience keeps us grounded, and it molds us to the kind of person we are now. Indeed, we are thankful for the bonding moments we've shared with our dear parents, no matter how big or small.

Our Shoulders-To-Cry On

The first best friends we've come to know, and the only ones who'll stay when everyone has closed their doors on us. They've seen us in our silly days and comforted us in our worst moments. Our parents are all-weather, ever-dependable, and always present. They are our constant reminders that when the going gets tough, only the tough get going.

The Funny (and Bad!) Dad Jokes

Oh my! Don't let us get started on the Dad jokes! The jokes are both beloved and despised, and utterly uncool. Sometimes, it may even be blurted out at an awkward moment. But make no mistake about it, dad jokes are something we'll always be thankful for, especially when push comes to shove. And though we might not admit it, dads are some of the funniest people on the planet, and we'll always love them for it!

The Life Lessons

Moments with our parents are full of life lessons waiting to be learned. They teach us invaluable knowledge about work, marriage, parenting, and relationships that help us become the person we're meant to be. As people who are ahead of us in experience and wisdom, they instill values in us that will help us survive in life. I'm pretty sure most would agree that without our dear parents, we wouldn't have surpassed half of the challenges that we did.

The People We Look Up To

Remember when your teacher asked you what you wanted to become when you grew up? You've always answered with, "Like my Mom (or Dad!)!"

Most of us have looked up to our parents as role models and people we strive to become. They are the strongest, most caring, and most selfless individuals in our eyes, and they've been our constants throughout our lives. They taught us about hard work and sacrifice and how to build a family based on love and trust. Indeed, they deserve to be our first real heroes and idols.

Unaltered, Unconditional Love

Parents accept, love, and show affection to their children, even when they make mistakes and fall short of expectations. They are our cheerleaders who keep us strong and determined, and they listen to our woes without any judgment. Only a mother and a father know true and lasting unconditional love, and for this, we are thankful that we have our parents in our lives!

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