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Celebrate Your Cat on Global Cat Day 2020!

ERA Evergreen



Oct 14 5 minutes read

Have you ever heard of Global Cat Day? Yes, it's a thing, and it's a whole day devoted to our furry feline buddies! Sure, cats are mischievous at times, and they might love to lay across your keyboard while you're working or enjoy smacking things off your desk just for the heck of it, but if we're being real here, it's entirely part of their charm-- and a big reason why we love them so much! 

Let's spend October 16 (and every cat-urday!) celebrating, loving, and caring for our feline companions!  Here are ten ideas on how you can show your appreciation for cats on Global Cat Day:

Adopt a cat from the local shelter or cat rescue

Have you ever thought of opening your home to a new cat companion? Well, now may be the right time! Celebrate your love for cats on Global Cat Day and give another cat a chance to receive a lifetime of love, safety, and care. Of course, before you adopt, make sure that you have ample knowledge, time, patience, and enough space to take in another pet (especially if you're a first-time cat owner!).

Bake/BUY some cat treats for your buddy

Spoil your feline and bake (or buy!) her a special cat treat for Global Cat Day! Cats enjoy treats as much as the next pet, and treating her with some goodies like cat-safe cookies, or tuna treats will be a dream come true on this special day!

Buy your cat a new toy

Generally-speaking, cat toys are inexpensive, and they rarely get tired of playing with them over and over! The good news is, toys are physically and mentally stimulating, so shopping for a new one on Global Cat Day will keep your cat young, sharp, and healthy!

Put up some wall shelves to give your cat some fun exercise

Are you looking to give your cat a surprise of a lifetime? Put up some wall shelves specifically for her, and watch her have a grand time! Cats love exploring, and letting them climb up the walls and hide in a cozy spot out of sight will be a fun daily activity for your feline!

Cat Spa Day

Quietly spend Global Cat Day with a little kitty pampering! Take the time to give your cat an extra-long play session, cat massages, and brushing-off excess fur and hairballs! That'll surely hit the spot, I tell you!

Arrange a fun photoshoot with a professional pet photographer

Admit it: You've probably snapped a ton of selfies and random photos of your cat over the years. Well, we all have! So go the extra mile on Global Cat Day, and arrange a fun photoshoot with a professional pet photographer! Having a professional photograph taken of your cat (especially with you and your family!) will let you have a crisp, clear photo of your cat, which you'll be sure to cherish over time. A keepsake perfect for your cat's special day!

Upgrade the cat bed

Cats spend half of their day sleeping, so getting your kitty a new bed is a perfect gift! Get one depending on your cat's personality to make her feel like she's sleeping in her private kingdom. Truly a real treat for any feline!

Surprise the cat with a grand scratching post

Keep your cat from scratching your (expensive) furniture or getting bored by getting her a nice scratching post! Cats love to groom their nails, and they also like to claw and pick at things, so treating them to a deluxe scratching post will keep her busy and satisfied (and you, sane and stress-free!).

Have a Global Cat Day party

We all know parties are a no-no while social distancing, but a cat party may be an exception. Treat your cat to a grand time and host a cat-themed party, where cats can mingle over tuna treats and toys! Cat-sitting a couple of cats, if only for an hour or two, should be manageable, so go and send the invites now!

Volunteer at a local shelter

Your local pet shelters are likely to have plenty of cats and other animals who need extra love and support. On Global Cat Day, extend your love for animals and offer to play with the cats up for adoption, clean cages and litter boxes, feed cats, or anything else they need help with. You'll be sure to make plenty of feline friends happy in the process!

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