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Fun Times in Springtime on Hilton Head Island

Michael Gonzalez



May 9 5 minutes read

Dump all your winter jackets aside, and bring out your lightweight coats from the back of your closets-- Spring is just around the corner, and it's time to wake up from our deep hibernation!

Winter allowed us our lazy days, with the temperature dropping down a comfortable notch, but now that the sun is shining brighter and the birds are chirping much louder, the energetic and refreshing breeze of Spring comes to offer us inspiration to start anew. And what's so special about Springtime in Hilton Head Island? Let's find out!

Water Sports

Water sports are a great past time in Summer, but who would have thought that you can enjoy the thrill and adventure that it brings in Springtime? Yes, folks, Hilton Head Island brings you the best temperatures and the perfect water currents all-year-round, which means that you can have your dose of Summer adrenaline rush here in Hilton Head Island, even in Spring!

Take your vacation to new heights and catch a bird's eye view of the island while parasailing, or thread the joyful waters of May River from the seat of a kayak! Experience the tidal creeks come alive at night with the sounds of nocturnal animals by joining one of the full moon water tours, or paddle through the rest of the day exploring Lowcountry on a paddleboard-- Hilton Head Island is anything but boring, that's for sure!

Festivals and Events

There's nothing like great festivals and fiestas during a well-deserved vacation, and on the island, you'll get nothing but that! The locals love to mingle and socialize, which is why occasions and holidays are celebrated in a distinct style and warmth that only Southerners possess. And during Spring, several festivities are organized yearly, with headliners like the Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival, the Hilton Head Island Music Festival, and one of the grandest St. Patrick's Parade in the whole country! 

Witness the unique Hilton Head Island traditions, party throughout Spring, and take your vacation on a whole new level!

The Food

The Gods of the Sea have truly blessed Lowcountry with all sorts of fresh, delicious seafood for locals and visitors to enjoy, and you simply can't leave the island without sampling it! With over 300 family-friendly restaurants around the island offering Southern favorites and Lowcountry boils, going on a food trip in Hilton Head Island has been a staple in every traveler's handbook. 

Don't miss out on the big, juicy oysters, shrimp and grits, and yummy comfort dishes, while dining al fresco at the pet-friendly patios, or have your meal indoors and be astonished by the history and art that lies within each restaurant's walls. Have a taste of the Lowcountry culture while you're here-- literally and figuratively!


The 4,053 acres of marshland glows during Spring when the natural side of the island is at its best-- and Hilton Head Island gives visitors a chance to be closer to nature with its preserves, parks, and well-maintained forests. Rent a bike and have a leisurely ride through the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, or the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, and see the uncombed side of South Carolina. Explore the swamps, forests, ponds, and miles of trails and bridges, and witness wildlife up-close. Hilton Head Island offers you a simple, organic approach to relaxation-- and at Springtime, the spotlight rests on Mother Nature.

The Beaches (Of course!)

The picturesque beaches of Hilton Head Island have been raved about in magazines, blogs, travel guides, and pamphlets, and it's impossible not to mention it as a highlight in a Hilton Head Island trip, no matter the season! And with 12 miles of the seashore to enjoy, locals and visitors have plenty of room to lay down a blanket, bask in the rays of the sun, and breathe in the crisp, salty air. 

Forget about Bali, Palawan, or the Maldives-- the uncomplicated paradise that you crave for lies in Hilton Head Island. Play in the sand, frolic in the surf, and walk along the sandy shores-- bless your eyes with the unmasked beauty of the Hilton Head Island beaches, and see why the island has been ranked as one of the most relaxing vacation destinations for yourself!

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