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Five Quick Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Home

ERA Evergreen



May 6 3 minutes read

Adding a little spice to your home decor shouldn't have to break the bank. 

Here are five quick ways you can spruce up your home!

Box it Up

Window boxes are a great and easy way to upgrade the look of your windows. You can repurpose your own box from old crates, or use refurbished metal troughs. Plant beautifully shaped miniature bushes, or cascading vines and flowers like petunia and ivy, to create a unique effect.

Writing on the Wall

A very inexpensive but stylish way to update the look of your kitchen cabinets is to use chalkboard paint on the doors. If you have kids, you can have them decorate the doors with their artwork using white or colored chalk. You can also use it as a convenient reminder board or a list of items that are in the cabinet. It's also a perfect way to post your meal plan or even favorite recipes!

Open It Up

A quick way to change the look of your home is to add a splash of color to the front of the house. Painting your front door with a new color can help make it stand out, and you can transform the look of the door from drab to fab by painting it something bright and cheery. You can also repaint the fences with the new color to create a uniformly bright look. Another way to add a touch of color is to place a hanging basket beside the door or on the porch and plant it with seasonal bloomers.

Fluff it Up

With the right fabric or color, a plain sofa or chair can look suddenly appealing. You can get  creative and create your own decorative cushions. Buy a fabric you like and either sew or use fabric glue to create a new pillowcase. Feeling a bit more artsy? Add extra touches like tassels, fabric paint, and even sequins! If you crochet or knit, add pillowcases to your planned works. Not only will you have a cushion that's uniquely your own, you can take pride in the fact that you designed it yourself!

In With the Old

Have some vintage ornaments or decors lying around? You can upscale plastic or wood figures with black or white (even metallic!) paint to make them look more modern. This idea goes perfectly well with animal figures or even old, unused doors, picture frames, and old wood cabinets. You can also visit garage sales or thrift shops and look for simple ornaments you can use as home decors!

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