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10 Decor Ideas to Get Your Home Valentine’s Day-Ready

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Feb 13 5 minutes read

Valentine’s day is an annual celebration of the special relationships we share with friends, family, and of course, our significant others. In the days or even weeks leading up “THE” day, we do our best to shower our loved ones with lovingly-written cards, chocolates (lots of it!), and trinkets to show them how much we love and appreciate them.

It’s a lovely time of the year (pun intended!), and you can make it even better by decorating your home for the holiday! From unique flower arrangements to a V-Day wreathe on your front door, Hearts’ Day decors will surely add a pop of color to the rather dreary days of this season.

Get your homes Valentine’s Day ready and try these simple ten decoration tips:

A Touch of Red Is Good

Red is the unofficial color of Love, and nothing says Valentine’s Day more than a few pops of it! Put some red throws on the couch, or change your curtains to subtle shades of Red and spread the Valentine’s Day vibe around your home.

Create a Unique Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement

We can all use a dose of Spring, especially at this time of the year, but paying for the usual dozen roses from your local florist will be both too expensive and cliché. Veer away from the norm and pick up a mix of your favorite flowers. Use it to add a pop of pink to your kitchen counter, a centerpiece for your fancy dinner at home, or a beautiful morning inspiration inside the Master’s bedroom. Carnations, peonies, and gardenias will be perfect for that billowy, delicate-looking arrangement!


Valentine’s Day Edible Decors

Edible decors? Well, if you ask us, seasonal chocolates are an inexpensive and tasty way to welcome Valentine’s day, and no one ever said you can’t use them as decor!

Put wrapped chocolates or candies inside a covered glass container and display these around the house. The good thing is, you don’t have to store these decors at the end of the season– don’t forget to buy in bulk as you may need to replenish frequently!

Candles Add A Romantic Vibe

Candles are always a popular decor for celebrations, and Valentine’s Day is no different. Get creative with your candle displays, and don’t be afraid to craft your own! Visit your local art supply shop and give your everyday candles some pizzazz. You can use them to create a romantic atmosphere by placing various sizes in the center of your dinner table!

Spruce Up That Wreath

Have you ever heard of Valentine’s Day wreath? Yes, it’s a thing! And a flowery wreath certainly fits the usual Heart’s Day theme!

Dress your front door with a wreath of flowers, wrapped sweets, or lollipops. You can even attach old cupid figurines, mismatched buttons, or Valentine’s day trinkets to your wreath to make it more original. But if you haven’t got time for crafts, you can constantly scour craft stores or online shops for a ready-made one!

Printables Are Easy and Inexpensive

Thanks to technology and the internet, it’s now easier to find printables for each holiday season! Download cute and quirky printables that you can display inside your home for Valentine’s Day, and welcome the special day easily and inexpensively!

Hang Seasonal Wall Art

Art enthusiast or not, hanging wall art on your bare walls will always be a great decor idea, even on Valentine’s Day! Give your frames a refresh and find love-themed pieces for your wall. Graphic art prints are as popular now as ever, and it’s easy to get a hold of them, thanks to online shops! You can also use hearts and loving phrases as your go-to or create one for more personalized art!

Take Out The Valentine’s Day Throw Pillows

What could be easier than tossing Valentine’s Day throw pillows onto your chair, bench, or sofa? Look for Valentine’s Day pillow covers that you can use for your current bolsters for a more cost-effective way of decorating.

Dress It Up A Notch With Garlands

Mantles are the focal point of most living rooms, so it’s a good idea to dress it up for Valentine’s Day! Add a whimsical vibe to your home with a string of paper garlands. Hearts, sweet sayings, and tassels are best for adorning an entryway or your bed’s headboard! You can also attach your Valentine’s Day card collection to a long piece of ribbon and create a strand of garland that reminds you of all the people in your life who love you!

Heart’s Day Crockery Is Never Cheesy

Spread good vibes around the home with cute and unique Valentine’s Day tableware! Setting your table with mugs, plates, and other Heart’s Day-themed tableware adds a playful aura to your meals, and if used romantically, say, a V-Day dinner date at home with your significant other, you can woo and impress him/her, and set the right mood for the whole night wink!

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