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D-I-Y YouTube Channels That You Can Follow To Keep You Safe At Home

ERA Evergreen



May 17 5 minutes read

Now that the local governments have started to lift its stay-at-home and work-from-home orders, a lot more people are starting to flock over restaurants, establishments, and close-contact services like salons and fitness studios.  

And although the majority of the population is happy with their newly-regained freedom to roam around the city, it's also not a bad idea to take everything with a little bit of precaution, especially if you are living with kids and elderlies, or are immunocompromised yourself. 

And because we understand that some needs and services are essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, here are some YouTube channels you can watch and follow for some D-I-Ys to keep you safe at home:


Has it been ages since your last visit to your neighborhood gym? In this kind of pandemic where our health and well-being are at stake, eating a balanced diet is not enough to keep us at tip-top shape. Exercise is one of our bodies' major needs, and we can get our daily dose of sweats and kicks in the comforts of our homes. Here are some fitness channels you can like and follow: 


Urban gardening or D-I-Y gardening, in general, has been a popular past-time in several parts of the world since the COVID-19 outbreak. Most people find it a productive distraction from all the uncertainty the pandemic has brought, and they reap benefits from it, too! (literally!) Do you want to start a farm-to-table way of living? Here are some gardening channels you can like and follow:

Home Improvements

Are you thinking of starting some D-I-Y home improvement projects for your humble abode? Learn some great handyman tricks to add value to your home, whether you're preparing to sell it or in it for the long haul. Give your home a mini-makeover and fall in love with it all over again! Here are some great D-I-Y home improvements you can like and follow:


Most people cook when bored or stressed, and when the government imposed movement restrictions around the country, many have put out their aprons and cooking tools to pass the time. Lessen your takeouts and learn to cook 5-star Michelin meals for the whole family-- like and follow these YouTube cooking channels:


Have you become a baking pro overnight because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Make your own loaves of bread, impress the family with delicious cakes, and keep the kids happy with some mouthwatering cookies! Here are some baking YouTube channels you can like and follow:

Hairstyles/Hair Cuts

Yes, we heard you! We need a decent haircut, too! And since salons are considered close-contact establishments, the uncertainty of getting a haircut outside of the house can be quite high. Here are some D-I-Y hairstyling channels you can like and follow on YouTube:

Kids' Craft

Are the children tired of doing the same old stuff every single day? Let them craft up their afternoons! Making D-I-Y art crafts teaches young children coordination, creativity, and individuality! Set up a crafting table and let them watch and follow these D-I-Y kids' craft YouTube channels:

Car Modifications

Oh, men and their love for cars! It's impossible to be a man and NOT have a personal relationship with your car. And since D-I-Y car modification tutorials are a way to satisfy a man's soul (aside from a great home-cooked meal), here are some great car channels on YouTube you can like and follow:

Life Hacks

We all need a new life hack to learn every day because finding new techniques and strategies to manage our daily activities helps us become more efficient and productive. Binge-watch and follow these great life hacks channels on YouTube, and make your social distancing time worthwhile:

Beauty and Self-Care

Don't forget about you, momma! You take care of everyone in the family, but you should always remember that YOU need to look and FEEL gorgeous INSIDE and out, too! Here are some YouTube channels you can watch for beauty tips, makeup hacks, and self-pampering:

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