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Celebrate Hilton Head Island Music Festival At HOME!

Michael Gonzalez



Apr 5 4 minutes read

Due to the repercussions of the current pandemic, events and gatherings are being canceled one by one, including the highly-anticipated 2-day musical shindig, which features electrifying performances from a wide variety of local and national acts, The Hilton Head Island Music Festival

As the music kick-off boasts thousands of attendees each year, the absence of its lively and exciting atmosphere will have a significant impact. We think we can all agree that this event is one that everyone will surely miss. 

Hold on to your tickets as talks of re-scheduling the music event in the Fall is in the works. In the meantime, set up a mini-celebration at home for you and your family! Here are some ideas:

Play Local Music The Whole Day

The Hilton Head Music Festival is all about celebrating the local and national music industry and showing love to budding artists. And what better way to do that than to play their singles throughout the day? Arrange a special playlist on your laptop, and blast some tunes from your favorite local bands. It's a great way to set the mood for your mini-Hilton Head Music Festival and a sure treat for music lovers, too!

Lay A Blanket On Your Lawn and Have a Picnic 

Food is essential in any gathering, and it's also something we look forward to at The Hilton Head Island Music Festival, apart from being amongst music lovers and friends, of course! So take out your cookbooks and get busy in the kitchen! Whip up some food to grill, lay out a blanket on your lawn, and treat your family to a picnic! Everyone loves the laid-back vibe that the HHI Music Fest brings, and you can replicate it at home in the company of the people who matters most!

Dim the lights and watch music videos from your favorite local bands

There is always something positive that turns up in a negative situation. Social Distancing prohibits us from going to parties and meeting up with friends, but it brings us closer to the most important people inside our homes-- our families!

The Hilton Head Island Music Festival might be a great bonding experience for the whole gang, but setting up a music video marathon in your family den is a great alternative, too! Dim the lights and take some comforters and pillows-- invite the whole family to an all-nighter and watch music videos from your favorite local artists! It's going to be a great prelude to a family movie night and the perfect excuse to binge on popcorn and chocolates!

Host A Mini-Concert With The Fam

Share your love for music with the whole family and invite them to a mini-karaoke showdown! Divide the family into groups and plan your showstopping performance! Sing songs from your favorite local artists, and play some instruments (if you know how) for a realistic touch! Aside from paying tribute to the local and national music industry, hosting a mini-concert with your family is also a great way to discover hidden talents, and a perfect bonding activity the kids will truly enjoy!

Pop a bottle of beer

No festival is complete without a bottle (or three-- who's counting?) of beer! And while it's true that celebrating The Hilton Head Island Music Festival at home can't compete with the actual event, treating yourself to a couple of cold beers will surely make a difference! Tuck the kids to bed, play some soft local music in the background, and invite your partner to an impromptu beer date-- savor the moment and make lasting memories for The Hilton Head Island Music Festival 2020!

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