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Keep Busy This Weekend With These Board Game Classics

ERA Evergreen



Jan 27 5 minutes read

Our Saturdays and Sundays may have been best-reserved for long road trips and family vacays, but until a working vaccine is in place, weekends in this "new normal" will be quite different from what we've been used to. So to keep sane, most of us have taught ourselves to enjoy the 'simpler' things in life-- like, say, the old-fashioned board game nights we use to do with the fam, back when cellphones had huge antennas!

Humor aside, these board games have been a preferred inexpensive pastime for families worldwide for as long as we can remember. In fact, many things have been deemed obsolete, yet the humble board game is still alive, kicking, and in-play today!  

Gather the fam and keep your weekends fully-booked with these 10 Board Game Classics we've all grown to love:


Parcheesi is also one of the oldest board games and a blueprint for newer gameboards that followed. The main objectives are to get all of the pieces out of the starting point, move them around the board, and put it all into the center area. And though it may not sound too challenging, your moves will be determined by dice rolls.  You'll also get a boost by capturing the opponent’s pieces or lose progress if your piece is captured. Rules get trickier once you've hit the home stretch, so you better pay attention!


Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered tiled board with sixty-four squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. It's one of the world's oldest and most popular games played by millions of people globally. It emphasizes strategy and intelligence and has zero elements of chance or luck. To learn it, one must be taught by someone who had to learn it from someone else, and so forth-- it's like a tradition that links the past to the present day, and that's what makes it so cool.


Are you a big fan of murder mysteries? Well then, go and get your fix by play a round of Clue! 

Clue is a fun and exciting murder-mystery game for three to six players. The goal of the game is to find out who murdered the game's victim. You must also figure out where and what the weapon was used.


Monopoly continues to dominate the board gaming scene, as you can find more versions of the original game than anyone can count, including ones based on Finding Dory, Empire, Disney princesses, and Minions. You can even find different fan-based themes of the classic board game and electronic and on-the-go versions! How cool is that?


Most board games are played sitting down-- but not this classic party game! 

Twister is a board game big enough to cover your entire floor. Players spin to find out where they'll put their hands and feet. The mat has six rows of large colored circles on it with a different color in each row: red, yellow, green, and blue, and your objective is to contort your body and hold it as long as you can! Get ready to end up laughing-- it's going to be a physical game night, for sure!


Pictionary is like charades but better, especially for lazy game-nighters! It's a classic drawing game where participants should guess what word is being drawn. The fun guessing game can be played by kids and adults and is most fun when played in a big group.


Boggle is a timed word game made out of brain exercises. To play it, participants shuffle dices to create a grid of letters, and players race against the clock (and each other) to write as many words as they can using chains of letters that touch vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. If two people find the same word, it'll be crossed out, so creativity is vital in winning!


Scrabble is a word game for two to four players. Participants score points by placing tiles, with each tile bearing a single letter on the game board of a 15×15 grid of cells. The objective is to put the letters together, build words, accumulate the most number of words, and out-score the other players. It's known to improve vocabulary base and overall literary skills.


Who DOESN'T remember playing on the old checkerboard and jumping over various squares to get to the other side? Checkers may be one of the world's oldest games that even Greek writers Homer and Plato have mentioned the said game in their works, but it's (apparently) here to stay. Did you know that these classic board games could be worth thousands?


Go is a game invented in China over 2,500 years ago, and surprisingly it's still being played until today! Two players use black and white buttons to plan how to take over their opponent's territories on the board. And while the set-up may seem simple, it requires abstract thought and intensive strategy!

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