Exploring a new city can be one of the most exciting things you can do when going on a vacation. Depending on your desired destination, you can explore a new area in a number of ways. These include going on a boat ride, riding a bicycle, taking a brief helicopter ride, and driving a car.

In Savannah, Georgia, visitors prefer to do their exploration on foot. After all, the city is known for its beautiful historic character and walkable paths. Therefore, the best way to get an immersive experience is to go on a walking tour around the city. Not only does it make your vacation more memorable, it also gives you the chance to meet other “explorers” and make new friends along the way!

Here are the top 10 walking tours that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Savannah in 2017.

Image source:  Elisa.rolle | Wikimedia Commons

Owens Thomas House

1. The Historic Homes Tour

For several centuries until the modern times, Savannah never fails to charm visitors with her rich history, unique architecture and unparalleled hospitality. This type of tour allows you to explore the city’s famous architectural heritage and lets you gain a deeper understanding of its colorful past. Popular historic homes to look forward to in the tour include the Mercer-Williams House, Owens Thomas House, Harper-Fowlkes House, and a lot more!

Image source: Jud McCranie | Wikimedia Commons

Ft. Pulaski

2. The Civil War Tour

If you’re a history buff, this type of tour will take you to Savannah’s Civil War era where you will learn more about the city’s role during the period. You will get to see the houses of the most prominent generals and buildings that have been involved in the great war between the participating states. The Civil War began with the seize of Ft. Pulaski by Georgian troops in January 1860. It preceded the Ft. Sumpter bombardment in Charleston around 3 months prior to the war’s “official” start.

Image source:  MADSkills | Pixabay

A beautiful garden in Savannah

3. Gates and Gardens Tour

This unique tour allows you to explore Savannah’s lush and green residential districts and gardens. Major highlights of the tour are the city’s elegant ironwork, private urban gardens which are regarded as the finest in the country and 22 squares and parks that boast vivid color and landscape design.

Image source: Billy Hathorn | Wikimedia Commons

Juliette Gordon Low House

4. Savannah Ghost Stroll

From Savannah’s historic homes and buildings to its impressive gardens, taking this tour will allow you to explore the city’s most popular haunted places. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this tour will make you agree that Savannah is indeed the most haunted city in America! Some of the sights and places included in the tour are the Juliette Gordon Low House, Reynolds Square, Colonial Park Cemetery and Wright Square.

Image source: J. Miers | Wikimedia Commons

Carriage Horses

5. Antebellum Architecture Walk

If you want to see the best of Savannah as well as the city’s classic architecture, then the Antebellum Architecture Walk is your best bet. Get to know historic houses of worship, hidden lanes, carriage horses, majestic live oaks, antebellum mansions and ornate ironwork while being accompanied by a qualified guide who’s a true native of the city. Bring your camera along and grab every photo taking opportunities while on tour.

Image source: JeffreyW | Wikimedia Commons

Chopped Pork BBQ Sandwich

6. Savannah Historic and Secret East Side Food Tour

When there are food and eating to look forward to on a tour, it’s definitely hard to resist joining one. This tour, which usually takes place at lunchtime, will take you to a number of restaurants where you can taste popular local delicacies such as chopped pork sandwich, fried green tomatoes, and en papillote chicken. Make sure to wear your most comfortable pair of shoes as the tour is said to last for 3 hours.

Image source: Casey Jones of Visit Savannah

Bonaventure Cemetery

7. Bonaventure Cemetery Segway Tour

A tour with a unique twist! This tour, which highlights the city’s Bonaventure Cemetery, is best enjoyed on a Segway (electric bike). Prepare to be awed by one of the city’s most elegant and historical cemeteries that is sprawled with over 25 miles of dogwoods, azaleas and massive oak trees. You can also check the Bonaventure Historical Society’s official site (bonaventurehistorical.org) where you can get the schedule of their free tours which they are hosting one weekend for every month in 2017.                                                                                                

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First African Baptist Church

8. Footprints of Savannah

Savannah has a rich Black Heritage as a result of the slave trade which made the city a pillar of global economic strength and gave it a unique African-American character. This tour, which has a specific walking route, will take you to black churches, burial grounds, Underground Railroad stops and more.

Image source: Peter Broster | Wikimedia Commons

The Pirate's House (1753)

9. Haunted Pubs and Taverns Tour

Learn more about the local legends and lore of Old Savannah as you stroll through the city’s pubs and taverns in the biggest National Landmark Historic District in America. Get to hear stories of scandalous affairs, shocking soirees and other incredible hearsays with the tour’s seasoned guide.  

Image source: New TestLeper79 | Wikimedia Commons

Mercer House

10. A Walk Through Midnight

Fans of the best-selling novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” by John Berendt should take this tour which features the numerous sights that were made famous in the novel that became an international phenomenon.