Spring in Savannah is especially a great time, with the weather generally warm and sunny minus the blistering heat of the summer season. And with the Spring weather where flowers are on full display, and all things are green and beautiful, Savannah comes alive. Many of the big festivals happen too during Spring in Savannah, tourists flock to watch Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, music festivals also draw large crowds to the city and Savannah’s springtime house and garden tours are also very popular during this season.

But aside from all the festivities and the beautiful nature at its finest, the real estate market is also in FULL BLOOM during Spring. The hottest season to sell is here. But is your home ready for Spring? If you’re thinking of selling, there is no best time but NOW. And we’ve got you covered with a list of things to do to make your house Spring – ready for selling.

5 Easy Tips for Selling Your Home in Spring

1. Spring Cleaning

Yes, it’s that time of the year to put on your working gloves, take out the feather duster and do some tough love clean up inside and outside the house. This is definitely on top of the list of To Do’s if you are planning to sell your home. There is nothing more unappealing than an unkempt and unclean house to a home buyer.

Be sure to do a thorough clean up of all the nook and cranny of your home. Try to focus on the floors, walls, and ceilings and check on stains. Apply a fresh coat of paint if need be. Deep cleaning the kitchen and the bath is also necessary, check for mold and mildew and grout in between tiles. Replace old cupboards to give it a new look. Let the light in by making sure to clean the windows, changing the curtains and dusting off all the light fixtures.

2. Curb Appeal

And after making sure the house is spotless, it’s time to take those working gloves outside and clean up the front yard down to the backyard. As they say, there’s no second chance to make a first impression and how your house looks from the outside will always be the first thing that buyers will see. Clean up the driveway, cut the grass and fertilize the lawn. Adding flowers and potted plants is a nice touch and will definitely add up to your house's curb appeal too. Do not forget that buyers also check the back yard, it would be plus points for you and your house if it’s tidy too.  

3. De-cluttering the House

While cleaning up the house, this is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter the house and remove, store or give away unnecessary items that you have accumulated over the years. Home buyers are a picky bunch and they prefer to see a house free of clutter and even personal stuff. They try to envision themselves living a life in your house and with all your milestone pictures all over the house that could be tough. Try to depersonalize the house but not too much that you strip it off the homey ambiance and it gives off a hotel room vibe.

4. Spend a little for Renovations

Or none at all. There are a lot of DIY Home Renovations projects that can instantly change the way your home looks for potential home buyers. Try to improve how the house looks with a fresh coat of paint, changing curtains, or even just re-arranging the furniture. Small things and small projects can go a long way and can do big wonders in how you can present your home to home buyers.

5. Find the Right Agent

There is nothing wrong in selling your house on your own but to ensure you get your house off the market in no time at all, finding the right agent to list your house with can greatly help you sell your home at the right price. The right agent will also be doing all the legwork needed for your home selling process including marketing it to potential home buyers. But finding the right agent can be tricky in a world that seems to have realtors at every corner. Take the time to interview and listen to their marketing plan to help you make that decision.

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