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Energy Saving Tips This Summer

Michael Gonzalez



May 9 3 minutes read

Summer is here!

And as much as we love the warm glorious weather outside, we all love to cool off at home. The hot and humid weather is definitely reserved for outdoors. And while we enjoy the Summer weather, we've got top tips for you on how you can save on some extra $$$ on energy bills and make sure your wallet isn’t “overheating” due to the cost of keeping cool. 

Let there be Air!

Let the air in by opening your windows, patio doors to let the cool summer air in. Ceiling and house fans are also low-cost ways to stay comfortable during this season. Limiting the use of air conditioner will definitely get you saving dollars at the end of the month.

Let the Sunshine do it's Magic

Take advantage of the beautiful summer sunshine by skipping the dryer and air-dry your laundry using an outdoor clothesline. Free energy from the sun is the best kind of energy! Try to schedule your laundry time in the morning and hang your clothes right after to maximize the sun's powerful rays during midday.

Turn it up!

Turning up your thermostat is the easiest way to use less power. Turn it up as high as you can to still be comfortable and this can definitely make a significant change in your electric bill this summer. And don't forget to change the air filter regularly so your unit isn’t working overtime to compensate for the dirty filter.

Let there be light!

LED light, that is! It is now more recommended to use LED lightings in homes and businesses as they are a great way to save energy since they produce only half as much heat as incandescent ones. They also use 75% less energy and last 50 times longer than traditional ones. 

Get smart with your appliances!

Keep the refrigerator doors closed always unless you need to get something. Also, avoid placing hot items in the fridge – let them cool to room temperature first before putting it inside. Heat up the food, not the house. A microwave is much more efficient (and quicker!) at heating things up than an oven, especially if you’re trying to stay cool with air conditioning. Unplug appliances when not in use. 

While most people anticipate a surge in electricity cost this Summer, especially when we need to crank up the air conditioning to block out the heat, the kids are home from school and spend all day on their devices  and when you do convince them to go out, you're faced with tons of housework to finish, you find yourself washing extra loads of bathing suits, beach towels, and muddy clothes and washing a never-ending supply of plates and glasses. The warm weather comes with a price. But, with a little preparation, you can manage your energy use wisely and cut down on your bill.

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