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9 Things To Do For Your Home in June

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Mar 21 4 minutes read

June has come, seemingly, in a blink of an eye.

It wasn’t too long ago when we were excited to see the new Spring flowers bloom. Now, it’s time to signal the start of our favorite season– SUMMER!

Ahhh, sweet, sweet June. It’s the month the high summer temps and humidity haven’t set in yet, and sitting on the back porch is still a pleasure to be enjoyed any time of day instead of something reserved for the early, early morning, or later night hours when it’s cool enough. It’s also a month of family cookouts and vacations. Yes, peeps, arguably, the best (summer) month of the year!

And, like in true doting homeowner fashion, a change of season isn’t complete without conjuring up a to-do list to get our homes ready for the new month!

Here are nine things to do for your home in June.

Dust off your grills and get your barbecue recipes ready

There’s something special about firing up the grill for summer gatherings of family and friends, wouldn’t you agree? Now that June is here, you may as well dust off that grill and get your barbecue recipes ready! There’s no such thing as too early when a barbecue party is in order!

Shell out for Independence Day home decors

Since we’re talking about grilling, a June celebration is right around the corner and deemed one of the most popular days of the year to cook out, alongside Memorial Day and Labor Day!

Yes, folks, we’re talking about Independence Day! Get those patriotic decorations and table setting plans settled because we’re only counting a few more days ’til the next outdoor family celebration!


Bring the Summer hues into your home

Greens, yellows, and blues are the best summer colors for your home this year, so make it a point to incorporate those hues in your home decors and themes for the perfect Summer look!

Shop for tools

If you ever need any home improvement tools, June is probably the best month to pick them up! Most retailers offer huge discounts leading up to Father’s Day, so take advantage of those freebies and savings! Oh, and get a little something for Dad and your husband, too. wink

Don’t forget to water your plants

Don’t forget to water those gorgeous flowers and plants in your yard! You may find that the best way to keep up with all the watering needs is to wind soaker hoses around the plants and attach the hose to a timer on your faucet. For your containers, making notes on your daily calendar can help.

Update your first aid kits

Since more people spend time outdoors during the summer months doing athletic activities, garden maintenance, and whatnot, more accidents happen, and you want to be prepared for it! Update your first aid kit and build a smaller one to bring for your outdoor gatherings and family weekend getaways.

Reorganize your kitchens

Organize your kitchen for the new season accordingly. Are there appliances you use more in the summer than the winter and vice versa? Move your appliances and make the necessary adjustments this June, so you can freely move around your kitchen and do your daily cooking with ease.

Keep a basket of summer necessities near your front door

Do you want a pro-tip? Keep a basket filled with sunscreen, insect spray, shades, hats, and caps near your front door. It’ll save you the effort of running around your home looking for these items and make it easy for others to grab and use as they head outside!

Get your fridge in tip-top shape

Ah, the outdoors are, indeed, a beauty in Spring! With all the trees in bloom and the sweet spring air, this is NOT the time to shut your home up. Go and open your doors and windows to welcome the season!

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