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2020 Home Decor Trends for Your Lowcountry Abode

Michael Gonzalez



Dec 29 3 minutes read

We're a few days from welcoming a new year, and apart from the New Year's resolutions that are a struggle to keep, discovering contemporary and trendy home decors and designs are also a must to keep our home up to date and in style!

For the coming year 2020, individuality and personality are emphasized-- it's an anything goes type of year, and the signature looks that 2019 left behind won't be going away entirely!

Here are some tips to keep your home 2020-ready and fabulous:

Off-Trend is THE Trend

To avoid seeing the same styles over and over again, decorate your home with anything unique and funky, highly crafted, or decors with unusual materials this coming year. It's important to let your personality and uniqueness reflect in your home design, creating spaces that tell a story.

Use Sustainable Materials

As society gravitates towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle, sustainability has become increasingly important, and has been incorporated in almost all aspects, including home decors! Bring some warm, earthy elements to every corner of your home, and feature harvested materials like rattan and acacia in your fixtures.

Simple. Warm. Elegant.

Countryside chic will be the ultimate style for the year 2020--but it won't be the typical farmhouse look that we've gone tired of. Lean towards a sophisticated, European-inspired look, and have your fresh take on a British farmhouse. Push for variety and put patterns on patterns, antique with contemporary decors, or vibrant with muted primary tones!

Warm Colors are the New Neutrals

Bland and safe colors will now be replaced with warm, saturated, and jewel-tone hues. Sophisticated shades of pink, in particular, will be a strong palette for 2020. Think soft, peachy corals and terra cotta, or golden yellow tones in buttery fabrics-- it's going to be a colorful home for you this coming year!

Stylish, Unique Rugs for your Feet

Interesting and unexpected materials in rugs will become more mainstream in 2020. 2019 was about obscurely-shaped rugs, and this type of trend will continue with the addition of unique materials woven into rugs. Tropical prints will also give a glam touch to your room, like art on the floor, making the home more vibrant and lively!

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